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(alias : Modus Quintos)



The mission



The sole male offspring of the fated union between Adam and his first partner, Lilith; after being banished from the Garden of Eden by Adam and ostracized by Lilith, the outcast was baptised Amzer, by Yahweh; God The Creator, made an Immortal and charged with 'The Mission', or 'The Fifth Way', (Modus Quintus).


The origin of The Alchemist
...and the destiny of mankind.

In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. And life. And then man. Adams first consort was Lilith, who conceived and bore a host of daughters, and one son. Lilith was accused of sin and corruption and was forced, with all her offspring, to leave Adam. The daughters of Lilith sank deeper into iniquity, until they surpassed all wickedness and became the succubi, thereby laying the foundations of hell.
The only son of Lilith however, renounced sin and the trespass of his siblings, and was stoned and cast from the fold. Alone, the outcast returned to Eden. But there, his father Adam with his new and goodly wife Eve, rejected his supplications and banished him for the sins of his kindred.
Cursed with dishonour and illegitimacy, the outcast was forever damned to wander the earth alone. His despair was absolute. Though his faith remained unshaken and his loyalty to Yahweh; God The Creator, profound, he was alone in life and in the world. The outcast appealed to God. He beseeched forgiveness of the Lord and avowed his eternal allegiance, asking only for His guidance.
God listened to him and took pity. Recognising his probity and his ruthless conviction, The Creator charged the outcast with a mission. He anointed him as the covert messiah, the saviour incognito, and branded him with an 'A', and baptised him Amzer.
The now divinely empowered Amzer, attested to lead his theosophic mission* to steer man's destiny away from evil and towards righteousness and to guard virtuous souls against the forces of malice. His charge was to establish and protect a divine lineage of sacred and just leaders, who would one day, save the souls of all mankind, and lead humanity to a life of tolerance, fairness, peace and respect.
Calculated enmity towards the enemies of God, gave rise to his philosophical, pragmatic solution. To effectively fight for His cause and guard against the mighty powers of evil, Amzer had to be prepared to be ruthless. With the blessing of Yhaweh, the new agent of probity was to infiltrate the legions of malice and earn the respect of the enemies of God*.

Therefore, as an immortal, his destiny through the aeon of eternity, was to appropriate his demideic powers of reincarnation and omnipresence, through a pantheon of alter egos, to establish positions of power and influence over peoples and events of history. To fight fire with fire within the fold of mortal men and steer the course of destiny towards the gateway of righteousness. This was The Mission.

To most people, Amzer (alias The Alchemist- Circa 1350), appeared as a mortal man, both in the flesh and in images and likenesses of him. However, to the Otherwolrd and to the few gifted souls and disciples of humanity, his true appearance would be manifest, revealing the purest, most incorruptible holistic essence of mankind.

For a true account of the long story of The Alchemist and the destiny of man, go back and look again at the early scriptures, the myths and legends of the world, the pages of the ancient history books. Read carefully, and most importantly, read between the lines.

Yahweh: earliest post Jewish Mesopotamian form of Jehovah, later God.
Amzer: derivative of 'Mamzer', Hebrew for bastard.
Theosophic mission: mission on behalf of a God. To become known as The Mission.

*The unorthodox manner of Amzer's 'left handed' approach to The Mission, led both the strategy and its messiah, to be known as Modus Quintus, (the fifth dimension or fifth way)